An Assessment of Student Teacher's Attitudes Towards Incorporation of ICT in Mathematics Instruction

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Denis Katakara Kagyera, Banzi Wellars, Danny Kamuhanda


This study points to assess the attitude of student teachers regarding the incorporation of ICT as a classroom instrument for mathematics instruction. A study was conducted using a sample of one hundred thirty-two (132) mathematics student teachers at two selected teacher training institutions in central Uganda during the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown of the Education sector. The study was conducted using the descriptive survey research design. Data was collected with the aid of an online questionnaire and it was analyzed using SPSS edition 23.0. It had Cronbach’s alpha constant (α) of 0.714 determined using SPSS. The results demonstrate that student teachers, despite gender, have a positive attitude toward ICT as a pedagogical instrument. Based on the analysis, it is suggested that lecturers within the departments of mathematics should incorporate ICT tools in their instruction so that student teachers can benefit from them.

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