The Validity of the Pancasila learning model in the Effort to Develop Nationalism in Universities

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Ahmad Eddison, Azwar Ananda, Z. Mawardi Effendi, Maria Montessori


This study aims to develop a valid Pancasila learning model in Pancasila courses in Higher Education. The process of developing this model refers to the ADDIE development model. The results showed that the validity of the Pancasila learning model which was actualized in the form of model books, lecturer books, and student books, and the validity criteria were very high. With an average Validity of Model Books 0.83, lecturer books 0.73, and student books 0.82. Based on these results, the Problem Based Learning To Prevent Corruption model meets the valid criteria and is expected to be an alternative reference to improve the quality of Pancasila education learning.

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