Demographic Changes And Identity Crisis of Ethnic Groups In Assam: An Analysis

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Hemanta Mudoi


Assam is the native land for many races and communities and own a rich ethnic diversity. The ethnic diversity of the state represents a complex mosaic nature of the social set up with both tribal and non-tribal population. Immigration from different region to Assam has been transformed the demographic structure and it creates a gloomy situation in the region at one hand and on the other side ethnic communities are facing a crisis situation for which ethnic groups try to protect and promote their own unique identity and culture.  In many spheres,  the situation of crisis leads ethnic conflict amongst the different groups. For promoting a stable environment the Government of India, on many occasions, had conceived various strategies and structural adjustments to meet the aspirations of the competing ethnic communities in the state. The influx of immigration from East Bengal to Assam creates a severe demographic changes in Assam and it leads an ethnic conflict in many spheres. In this backdrop, the present paper tries to elaborate the pros and cons of demographic changes along with the ethnic identity crisis cum conflict.

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