Anterior Loop Connector Fixed Dental Prosthesis: A simple yet effective solution to complex Esthetic dilemma.

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Dr Pardeep Bansal, Dr Kashish Narang, Dr Preetika Bansal, Dr Manan Gupta, Dr Ambuja, Dr Pardeep Bansal


Rehabilitatinganterior teeth with wide pontic space pose a great challenge for prosthodontist in situation where implant supported prosthesis cannot be done either due to cost factor or anatomic limitations. Also doing conventional fixed dental prosthesis in such cases give unesthetic appearance. So, to overcome the challenges, loop connectors can be used to optimize the edentulous space while preserving the esthetics. The following case report presents a clinical situation of wider diastema space which is restored with loop connector to achieve Estheticsin maxillary anterior region.

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