Politics of Meteoric Rise of Fundamentalism and its Repercussions in Githa Hariharan’s In Times of Siege

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Bassreet Choudhry, Dr. R Bakyaraj


This paper attempts to analyse the disastrous consequences of intolerance and aggressiveness of fundamentalists and foul face of fundamentalism in Githa Hariharan’s In Times of Siege (2003). The essential topic in this novel is the growth of fanaticism in academic circles. Githa Hariharan has illustrated how the world of academia is under siege by fundamentalist forces, which aim to silence the voice of an academician Prof. Shiv, employed at an open university. His curriculum on mediaeval history - a twelfth century saint-poet-politician-cum-social reformer Basava - raises a commotion. The dispute gets pace followed by threats, and violence. However, the situation ends up amidst protests and counterprotests imposing a check on the tide of extremism. She has indirectly implied that there is no scope for the fundamentalist forces in academic dialogue as these forces resort to coercive methods and violence while trying to suppress the voices of normal and competent individuals.

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