Monthly Variation Of Fish Density And Diversity In The Three Ephemeral Streams Of Lakhimpur District Of Assam, India

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Rimjim Dutta, Debojit Baruah


This study is based on assessment of ecological health of the three forested ephemeral streams situated on the Lakhimpur district of Assam using fish as biomonitoring agent and also physicochemical parameters. A total of 23 fish species belonging to 9 families, 4 orders of class Actinopterygii belonging to phylum Chordata have been recorded from the three streams with monthly fluctuation. Monsoon showed comparatively higher density of fish than postmonsoon. Species composition and quantitative characteristics of the fish have been assessed by different diversity indices (Shannon diversity index, Simpson’s diversity index, Margalef index, McIntosh index) and evenness indices (Pielou evenness index and McIntosh evenness index).Less stable condition of the three streams was clearly understood through the present assessment.

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