Believing To Magic Power of Words in the Kyrgyz Tradition

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Turusbek Marazykov, Nurzhamal Mapaeva, Aigul Abdraeva, Dinara Yzabekova, Tinatin Omorova, Zhannat Kadenova, Gulumkan Kochorova, Zhannat Zhumaeva, Uyalkhan Kamardinova, Zhypargul Abdullaeva


This article discusses Kyrgyz people beliefs about magical power of words as part of people spiritual culture, national worldview, ancient heritage left by ancestors and inexhaustible rituals. As all means in the language are closely connecting with people life, there is scientific evidence that words have a magical effect on a person and that the power of words can determine a person's future. The person future and destiny determined by what he says and thinks.

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