The Impact of Time Delay on Construction Projects Cost Overrun: A Case Study on Some of Construction Projects in Mogadishu-Somalia

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Layla Abdullahi Osman, Dr.Amina Omar Mohamud


Somalia’s construction projects currently they face significant cost overrun gap. It is a norm that most construction projects take more time than the time planned for them. Therefore, the goal of this research is to discover the challenges can cause construction projects to be delayed, determine the impacts of the time delay on construction projects cost overrun, as well as, find out the method to avoid or minimize the time delay on construction project cost overrun. The methodology that this study used is quantitative methodology and to test the hypothesis a questionnaire is distributed to potential construction project companies based across Mogadishu. While the respondents were randomly divided in to construction projects managers, contractors, sub-contractors and clients. The study also discovered that using Pearson correlation, there is a positive association between the effects of time delays on building project cost overruns and measures for decreasing time delays. The study recommends that the construction companies should make sure the availability of enough budgets during the construction activities to avoid the stoppage of the work and should have the knowledgeable personnel in finance. It also recommends that there is a need to a good management of project finances to fulfill payment progress has to be done on time.

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