Recent Advancements In Endodontic Irrigation Systems

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Dr Kingston Chellapandian, Dr Vijay venkatesh kondas, Dr Ashwin ravichandran, Dr sujana praveen Senior lecturer


Successful endodontic treatment depends on the complete removal of the remains of vital and necrotic pulp tissue, micro-organism and microbial toxins from the root cana1.The main goal of the endodontist is to remove the infected tissue and bacteria from the root canal which allows the healing of periapical lesion or to prevent the infection from periradicular tissue. So the irrigation of the root canal with antibacterial solution is an important step.The efficacy of irrigation depends on working mechanism of the irrigant and ability to bring the irrigant in contact with the element, material and structure.Sodium hypochlorite is effective disinfectant because it dissolves the organic tissue, it eliminates micro-organism, acts as an lubricant and non-toxic2.Root canal irrigation system is divided into two types, manual agitation techniques and machine assisted agitation devices

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