Exploring The Reasons For Street Hawking, Challenges & Quality Of Life Of Street Vendors

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Dr.Clayton Michael Fonceca , Keerthivasan S, Dr.C.R. Christi Anandan, Dr. K. Arockiaraj, Lisa E


Street Hawkers/vendors are very common in India. They can be found everywhere and have become a part of life of all cities in countries all over the world.  In recent years, there has been a tremendous growth in the number of street hawkers, which has resulted in an increase in the number of employees in India's informal sector. This research was carried out to identify the primary reasons why individuals become involved in the street hawking/vending sector, to highlight the challenges experienced by street hawkers/vendors and to understand their quality of life. In this study, the descriptive research method is applied. Data is collected from 112 respondents using an interview schedule that included a self-structured questionnaire as well as a standardized WHO scale (WHOQOL - Measuring Quality of Life, 2012). The reliability was re-established and found to be 0.812 Cronbach's Alpha. The results of this study indicate that street hawking/vending as a profession was done as a source income and as a means of survival for the working poor. In understanding the challenges experienced by street hawkers/vendors, it was found that this occupation required hard physical labour and lengthy working hours. Bribes from local men, inadequate security for products and exploitation from money lenders were identified as some of the significant challenges by majority of individuals engaged in this trade. In understanding the quality of life of individual research analysis revealed that more than three-fourth stated poor sleep patterns with inadequate money to supplement their daily necessities.


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