Online Education: Impact and Outcomes

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Neema Sajju Balan, Neena Anand, Meenakshi Ramesh Patel


The Covid-19 pandemic has permanently changed many things the world over. One of the immediate impact of the pandemic was the shift in Teaching -learning processes, at the Primary, Secondary and Higher Education levels. Online methods of teaching -Learning has become the new normal, in times of Social Distancing.

Online Education appears to have the capability to revolutionize the entire system of Education in terms of reach, affordability, flexibility and ability to bring back dropouts into mainstream education. This makes it imperative to study, analyze and understand the effectiveness and impact of this mode of Education, as it is being used today, in terms of upskilling and holistic development of learners.

This paper is an attempt to study the impact of online education on Learning outcomes, attributes and Overall development of the Learner.

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