Global challenges in the 21st century

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Nijazi Halili, Aziz Rexhepi, Besarta Rexhepi, Rinor Rexhepi


Throughout the centuries of history, mankind has faced crucial challenges that had to be overcome. Their mismanagement has often led to serious problems in human life. The question posed in this paper is simple: is globalization worth it for humanity?

I would add: is humanity ready to live in a global world without borders and with a strong interplay of economic, social and consequently political interests? It is difficult to give a correct answer to these dilemmas. Throughout the centuries of history, people have always been in contact with each other. They gave and they received. The fact is that the more contacts there are between people, the more challenges they face.  Globalization itself is an inclusive relationship. People exchange goods, experiences, trade, scientific inventions, but also problems. The Covid-19 pandemic that planet earth is still experiencing is a syndrome of globalization and living in a global system. It had been more than 100 years since a pandemic of this magnitude had occurred because the world was closed and when a severe epidemic did occur it was confined to certain regions and did not spread to the rest of the world. Even when borders have symbolically fallen, international business is flourishing, as are acute issues such as terrorism and the Covid-19 pandemic. As can be seen, globalization is a complex process that needs to be managed, not only because of the benefits it brings, but above all because of the serious problems it can bring about.

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