The Process of Industrialization and Modernization in Vietnam: Contents and Features

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Ngo Hong Diep


Industrialization is one of the most important tasks of the development process because it brings both material production and the country's socio-cultural life to a new level. For the cause of building socialism, industrialization plays the role of creating conditions and material and technical premises for the socialist regime. In each historical period, based on the socio-economic situation, industrialization has specific and appropriate content and steps. For Vietnam, when officially entering the transition period to socialism, the Party advocated socialist industrialization, and from the end of the twentieth century to the present, this process has been fully determined is industrialization and modernization. It is a comprehensive and extensive economic, technical-technological and socio-economic process aimed at transforming Vietnamese production and society from the backward agricultural level to the industrial level technology is increasingly advanced, modern, and civilized. The article clarifies the content and characteristics of industrialization and modernization in Vietnam today.

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