Aftermath of COVID-19 and Economic Sustainability Strategies

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Reena S. Desai


It’s a time to look ahead to a post- COVID world and think of sustainability strategies that helps in preparing for other economic disasters and major global issues like global warming and climate change. Besides the support and impetus from the Governments, RBI and Other Regulatory Authorities to uphold the businesses, sustainability strategies developed by corporates are indispensable to help industries to get back on their feet faster. For this the corporates may have to strongly focus on ESG i.e. Environment, Social and Governance issues.

The present study is therefore taken up to discuss the sustainability strategies adopted by the corporates, which led to instantaneous growth. The objective is to observe, how innovative approaches and sustainability strategies adopted by the selected companies belonging to different sectors effectively boosted sustainable production and enhanced financial performance showing V-shaped recovery, when almost all sectors were deeply affected by the lockdown.

The study focuses on the Top-Line and Bottom-Line growth of selected companies for the years 2019, 2020 and 2021. The data is collected from secondary sources. It is based on quantitative analysis of the financial results for the selected period of three years. The findings are depicted in the form of graph and tables.

The study concludes that even in the adverse circumstances the sample companies could attain reclamation and reconstruct the robust financials swiftly in the post COVID-19 period through innovative approach and sustainability strategies.


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