An Exploration of Adaptation Strategies for Beginning Teachers Under the “Double Reduction” Policy in China: Using Grounded Theory

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Xuedi Pi


Quality education in the context of the "double reduction" policy requires a consensus, that is, to reduce students' academic burden while enhancing teachers' professional competence. However, beginning teachers may need to overcome many challenges in their early careers to meet the higher requirements of the profession. This study aims to explore feasible strategies for beginning teachers' adaptation through the lens of grounded theory. The qualitative method was conducted to give teachers more of a 'voice' and then develop a new theory. The results revealed that the model of professional adaptation for beginning teachers under the "double reduction" policy consists of six dimensions. Efficient design, All-round development and full participation are three teaching goals. Beginning teachers will achieve these goals and professional growth through three main paths in the inner circle: practical reflection, mutual communication and psychological adjustment.


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