The Emerging Challenges of Human Resource Management

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G. Divya, Komal Gupta


Every organization’s realization about human resources being the most valuable asset has led to the acceptance of policies like competence building, job rotation, performance-linked pay, etc. It is to promote the overall development of human resources. A lot of attention is also being given to employee welfare and social security. Post-retirement benefits are also offered along with health insurance, provident fund, pension etc. A vital role is played by HR in acquisition, preparation and maintenance of human resources for addressing various challenges. Changing market conditions also pose a major challenge to organizations. Market inflations, and downfalls, each add up to the challenges. Candidates' reaction to situation varies even under the most likely circumstances. These are blockers to human resource management. It has to be pro-actively dealt with and necessary steps need to be taken for affection human resource function.

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