Study of Food and Beverage Service Quality and Customer Satisfaction, A literature-based survey of five-star hotel restaurants

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Omar Abdullah, Tahir Sufi, Sanjeev Kumar


Purpose: The goal of this study is to look into the relationship between food service quality and customer happiness, as well as how guests view the food and service quality of any Five-star hotel restaurant. In this regard, it is critical to comprehend the customer's needs and expectations in order to satisfy them.

Design/methodology/approach:  This work aims to investigate all research tools, scales, and methods. This article focuses on the food quality service in "five-star hotel restaurants." Because the goal of this study is to compile a list of the numerous components and characteristics of service quality in five-star restaurants. Published research articles on service quality were examined through online databases and publications.

Findings: One factor that has little to do with service at a five-star hotel restaurant is food quality. But that's only one factor; other considerations should be given as well. The SERVQUAL model of the serving staff's traits like "Assurance," "Trustworthiness," "Responsiveness," and "Empathy" should be emphasised when evaluating service quality. Food, price, ambiance, convenience, and staff level services are all critical variables.

Originality/value: This study contributes to a better understanding of customers' expectations and the key restaurant attributes that influence customer satisfaction by filling a gap in the literature on food service quality and its relationship with customer satisfaction in the food and beverage industry in five-star hotels.

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