English Grammar Competence Of Filipino College Freshmen

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Hartwell Norman M. Merza


Instructional materials on fundamental English grammar are required to develop English proficiency among first-year technology students. The study is organized around Dewey and Kolb's active learning theories and knowledge construction. This study aimed to ascertain the basic English grammar proficiency of first-year technology students at Don Mariano Marcos Memorial State University and to produce a worktext as an output. The researcher collected data for analysis using the descriptive method and a validated Achievement Test. The study discovered that the subjects were moderately competent in basic English grammar but excelled in the correct use of conjunctions, prepositions, possessive forms of nouns, and verb tenses; they were weak in the pronoun-antecedent relationship, noun pluralization, subject-verb agreement, adverb, and pronoun types, adjectives and adverbs order, and adjectives' degree of comparison. A validated Worktext for Basic English Grammar was developed.

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