The Scandal of the Used Antigen Rapid Test Tool and the Collapse of National Social Capital

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Bambang Santoso, Muhammad Rustamaji, Hartiwiningsih


Slavoj Žižek through his book, Pandemic! Covid-19 Shakes The World (2020), reveals that capitalism seems to be experiencing an acceleration of revolutionary momentum resulting in barbarism. This prediction of barbarism came true after the scandal of using used antigen test racks at Kualanamu International Airport. Judging from the type of research, the drafting of this research belongs to Sosiolegal research..The study resulted in the finding that this disgraceful, niretic and dangerous act of consumers opened the public's eyes that even during a pandemic, greed for economic benefits could destroy the nation's social capital, namely gotong royong. Educational values that teach the sensitivity of the nation during a pandemic to help one another and protect each other are diminished by the ambition to get the maximum benefit by using used antigen test smart tools. When society enters into medical esotericism, a number of individuals actually use it to sell everything as a commodity (reification), including the integrity of the educated people, which is actually a product of educational institutions. Educated people who are supposed to carry out public health service duties in preventing the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic, but instead behave barbaric for financial gain. It was at this culmination that education was questioned for its role in creating educated people but it turned out to be non-ethical and minus morality in their profession. The revelation of the scandal using the used antigen rapid test tool in the end "forced" the education world to rethink an educational model that is expected to strengthen the nation's social capital in the era of the Covid-19 pandemic. John Dewey's concept of progressive education is offered as a corrective step to produce life learners who are sensitive to the conditions of the nation and strengthen the social capital of their nation.


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