Evaluation of prevalence of oral lesions among children of upto 12 years of age

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Dr. Madhura Pawar, Dr Toshniwal Nandalal G, Dr Neeta S Padmawar, Dr Sameer Madhukarrao Parhad, Ateet kakti, Dr Prachi Dronacharya Khandare


Background: The present study was conducted for assessing the prevalence of oral lesions among children of upto 12 years of age.

Materials & methods: 100 children upto the age group of 12 years were analyzed. Compete demographic details of all the children was obtained. Consent was obtained from the parents/guardians of all the subjects for carrying out their oral examination. A master chart was prepared in excel sheet and prevalence and spectrum of oral lesions was recorded. All the results were recorded and analyzed by SPSS software.

Results: Oral lesions were found to be present in 22 children. Hence; the overall prevalence of oral lesions was 22 percent. 10 children were boys while the remaining 12 children were girls. Among these children with presence of oral lesions, the most frequent lesions recorded were oral candidiasis and geographic tongue found to be present in 6 children and 8 children respectively. Traumatic lesions were seen in 4 children, while aphthous lesions were seen in 3 children. Herpes simplex virus infection was found to be present in 1 subject.

Conclusion: Oral lesions are affecting a significant proportion of children population.

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