Mental Health intervention among Executives in an industry for Work Life Transformation

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Dr. S. Joyce Jeyarani, Dr. A. Umesh Samuel Jebaseelan


Mental Health is a vital element in the labor market but much ignored concept too. In the recent past, Mental Health has gained its significance as it is one of the imperative components for better production and performance. Though work is a protective factor, it becomes a risk factor when the issues at work place are not addressed properly affecting mental wellbeing of the Executives. The researcher had conducted Focused Group Discussions among 52 Executives in a particular industry at Madurai to identify the socio economic stressors that affects their work as well as life. Warwick Edinburgh’s (2007) Mental Wellbeing questionnaire was administered to identify the level of Mental wellbeing. Census method was adopted. A Mixed methodology, Concurrent Embedded Research Design was used.  It was found that majority of the respondents had low level of mental wellbeing. The organization arranged for a series of online training programmes for the executives during pandemic. Mental Health interventions were given and over a period of time, there was an improved level of mental wellbeing resulting in work life transformation. Though there could be many claims for the work life transformation, the researcher suggests Mental Health intervention as an imperative factor had its significance for work life transformation. The study highlights the need for Mental Health intervention among Executives in Industry for work life transformation.

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