Heritage phenomenology as an introduction to inspiring modern crafts

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Shahat Hussein Ahmed


The research deals with the issue of heritage, which is considered one of the important technical issues. Heritage expresses the philosophical and social dimensions of national identity. It is a fertile source for creativity. We have to contemplate this heritage with a conscious thought, which makes us look at the problem of the phenomenological emergence of heritage and draw inspiration from its visual elements in design and formative formulas bearing expressive contents. Art is reflected in the reality of understanding the artistic heritage in the light of the social and historical purposes and frameworks involved in its formation, so the artistic effect becomes a re-establishment of the individual’s life, earning him new patterns of visions, which make him give meaning and change his aesthetic behavior towards heritage, and this is what some miss, that returning to heritage Returning to the thought of evolution and the search for the origin to confirm the identity, whose value is neglected, despite the many attempts that sought to document the heritage that it needs more study and research to inspire its motif and preserve its features in craft, expressive structural formations and plastic formulations with philosophical, intellectual and expressive content .


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