An insight into self-efficacy and its impact on students’ achievement- A Review

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Ms. Atulya Verma, Dr. Meena Bhandari


Academic success and achieving good grades are among the main goals at all levels of Education. Academic achievement is directly related to the idea of self - efficacy as there are many instances to support the influence of its belief and impact on academic achievement. Understanding self is of prime importance in understanding one’s ability to achieve what is expected of him/her. This paper has highlighted the concept of self-according to a few renowned psychologists, also, the authors have tried to review different work on self-efficacy andits impact on the academic achievements. It has been analyzed that Self- Efficacy improves Academic achievement, improves emotional health and well-being, and serve as a valid predictor of motivation and learning.Readiness to learn, Reinforcement and Extrinsic motivation can boost the potential of an individual by making an improved outcome. Students lack the ability to succeed because they do not have belief on their abilities.One needs to understand his/her strength or potential to better exhibit right behaviour leading to achieving success in any task provided. Learning or positive change in academics is dependent upon several factors like physiological, psychological, cultural, hereditary and socio economic factors. Greater the age and maturity, better the healthy intake of food, healthy hereditary characteristics, greater would be the attainment level of an individual.

In this research paper several other self efficacy related terms are also included, this research work puts an insight into the advantages of self – efficacy in the students’ life.

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