India’s Pace with The Right to Be Forgotten

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Dr. Jayashree Khandare, Rutuja Suryawanshi


In the present times, it is metaphorically yet, righteously said that ‘A man should search himself on the Internet once in a while'. Well, it may sound humorous to the ears but it is way more dreadful for the person whose wicked past has been entered in the public domain. What makes it more dreadful is the easy to go word ‘technology’. Technology being at the footsteps of every person, it makes it even easier to search anything and everything under the sun, the moon and the whole universe and even the things which are hidden in the deepest core of the Earth. And to this the ‘human beings’ are not an exception. However, the phrase, ‘Right to be Forgotten’ or ‘Right to Erasure’ has come to the rescue of the persons who wish to forget the past not only for themselves but also for the entire world. The roots of Right to be Forgotten have found soil in Indian system at present through the judiciary. Although, now the right is also finding the position through statutory provision by way of the Personal Data Protection Bill, 2019, which is yet at the preliminary stage.

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