The Role of Listening Strategies in Improvising the Listening Skill for an Effective Communication

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S. Vishnupriya, Dr. R. Bharathi


The goal of this study is to present listening strategies for improving listening skills in order to improve communication effectiveness. Listening well in English and directing students toward successful oral communication are issues that all ESL students face, and this is a challenge for English language teachers. The study's goal was to highlight the results of using innovative ways to improve English language listening skills to help English language teachers and students overcome this challenge. This research intends to assist teachers in incorporating innovation into their classrooms, allowing pupils to overcome their listening difficulties. To begin, data was collected from English Language teachers at the higher secondary level in order to learn about the actions used to improve their students' listening skills. The information was gathered using a rating scale questionnaire. After then, a 12th grade class was chosen to participate in an experimental investigation. The t-test was employed to collect the data. The application of new tactics to the treatment group resulted in a visible change in the listening skill of this group, according to the findings. As a result, it was demonstrated that using innovative ways to improve listening skills had a significant positive influence on students.

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