Challenges Of Online Teaching in India: A Qualitative Approach

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Asha Latha Mathew, Nihidha Srinivassin, Dr. S. Sasikala, Lavanya G, Dr. S. Karunanidhi


The Covid - 19 Pandemic has taken a toll on various sectors. The education sector has undergone a 360-degree shift wherein education was shifted to online platforms. The online teaching process is a much-habituated concept in developed countries; however, it is new-fangled in India. Though the evolution to online teaching entailed a smooth transition, a year later, the niceties of online teaching seem to be taking a toll on facilitators and students. The trials faced by teachers and perceived changes in behavior among students are to be explored to initiate steps to ensure a comfortable learning space. With this intention in mind, a semi-structured interview schedule was prepared considering the theory of change and telephonic interviews were conducted among 54 teachers from schools and colleges. The results are discussed in light of challenges in online learning, concerns regarding students, how to improve online teaching, and the training needs to be addressed among students.

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