The Effect of Leadership and Innovation on Performance of Employees of Kendari and Bau-Bau Health Centers in Southeast Sulawesi, Indonesia

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Erny, Samdin, Nasrul, Endro sukotjo, Anwar Mallongi


Improving the quality of health services at the Public Health Center (Puskesmas) is deemed important. The leadership, innovation and commitment of all structure and functional elements mainly for health workers may contribute to the performance. This study enrolled 108 employees of Program Coordinator at 42 Puskesmas consisting of 15 of Health Centers in Kendari City and 17 Health Centers in Bau-Bau City in Southeast Sulawesi Province. This was quantitive explanatory research using a cross-sectional survey method. Data collection techniques were carried out by questionnaires and analyzed using Structural Equation Model (SEM) based on WarpPLS approach. The results indicate that commitment plays a role in mediating the influence of leadership on employee performance and the influence of innovation on the performance of Puskesmas employees in Southeast Sulawesi Province. This study also found commitment can mediate the influence of leadership and innovation on employee performance.

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