Product Selection among different Occupational group under influence of media: A Comparative Analysis of Nagpur and Bhopal City

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Dr Ritu Tiwari, Dr H.N. Kathare


In the present scenario, where market is becoming the prime mover and the mechanism accepted worldwide to achieve higher rate of growth with control fiscal deficit, It is necessarily to understand the change occurred in the life style and consumption pattern, the analysis of the changes in the consumption behavior is essential to understand not only the function of the market but to study the factor affecting the behavior of consumption. Global environmental changes cannot be understood unless the consumption pattern is taken into account. Several studies have been conducted at the world level all India level as well as at the occupational level also.

This paper is an attempted has been making to review the influence of advertisement on consumption behavior pattern. This would be useful in developing the methodology and other techniques to analyses the consumption behavior pattern and the changes which have been occur in two major cities which are center located in India. This study would represent in general, changes consumer behavior of the country.

As advertising has become prevalent in modern society, it is increasingly being criticized. Advertising occupies public space and more and more invades the private sphere of people. According to Georg Franck, "It is becoming harder to escape from advertising and the media. The recent upsurge of interest in consumer education can be expected to lead, in the long-run, to significant changes in consumer behavior. This paper contains a brief description of existing various occupational levels and a discussion of hypotheses about how different occupational level could be affected consumer behavior through commercial ads.

The study of consumer behavior not only helps to understand the past but even predict the future.

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