Confederation of Ecology and Literature in the Selected Poems of Mary Oliver

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S. V. Karthiga, V. Mainar


Eco-criticism has evolved into a system of interlinking literature and environment by the postmodern writers of Twenty First century. It made the contemporary writers to expose the possibilities of creating awareness through their writings. Environmental issues become the highly discussed in global arena where literature also has come forward in support of bringing cohesive and sustainable development through literary pieces. Eco-criticism allowed the readers to identify and question the contemporary misgivings against natural wrongdoings. Mary Oliver is one of the environmentalist and poet who penetrated the idea of providing equal space for every species through his writings. He, as a poet brought out the problems and sufferings of multiple issues faced by the natural livings and its repercussions on human lives. The articles deals with the eco-critical issues dealt in his selected poems and how does he expose to the world through his works.

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