A Moral Obligation of Health Care Service for Non-Covid Patients: A Reviews

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B. Mahammad Rafee, S. Mohammed Zaheed, R. Mohammed Ali, S. Jaber Asan, A. Abdul Raheem, R. Sadique Ahmed


The spread of coronavirus has turned the world upside down, and has spilled through economies and made the situation unbearable. The largest expense for this war is thus borne by non-COVID-19 sufferers. The non-Covid sufferers are the most overlooked in receiving health treatment, resulting in misery and many died because of lack of medication, where health services were redirected to treat patients with Covid. The study would investigate the implications of the failure of hospitals, governments and other stakeholders to provide the basic health service that, contrary to the Constitution, includes provisions ensuring everyone's right to optimal physical and mental health Article 21 defends everyone's life and liberty. The Supreme Court ruled that Article 21 guarantees human dignity and so demands health security. Furthermore, the basic right to health is a component of the basic right to life, therefore the state must provide health services under the Constitution. The reviews will analyse the pandemic implications.

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