Analysis of the policies of the development programs and the stages of their change in the Iraqi economy

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Musa Khalaf Awad, Bader Daham Abdullah, Jawaher Daham Abdullah


The developmental procedures and programs that governments resort to in implementing their economic policy are of great importance in influencing the state of economic stability and achieving development, and this depends on the nature of the philosophy of the followed system and the priorities of its goals. The study of this research is to know the economic policies and development programs that were implemented in Iraq during the period from 1950 to 2020, according to the different political systems, whether they are monarchy, authoritarian or democratic republics. The study revealed to us the failure of the followed economic policies as a result of the accumulation of errors and the absence of the national vision in implementing a unified economic strategy for the country, as well as the misuse of the financial returns which are achieved from the oil sector in a way that supports the rest of the economic sectors of the state, which resulted in the prevalence of manifestations of underdevelopment and the deterioration of productivity levels in various economic sectors.                         

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