Critical meta-review of the link between technologies, information technology and cognitive development of individuals and organizations.

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Dr. Emilio Sagredo Lillo , Dr. Ignacio Salamanca Garay , Dr. Ricardo Castro Cáceres


Information technology has accompanied human development since the beginning of socialization, facilitating organization, collaboration and quantification. Information theory resembles the way in which the brain processes, organizes and systematizes data and stimuli received. This association between cognitive processes and informatics is useful to understand how we learn and why we are constantly changing systems to interact with the context and avoid extinction. In addition, technologies in specific are fundamental to current development and learning. This meta-review is framed in a process of critical documentary analysis of the implications of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) in the cognitive development of individuals and organizations. At the methodological level, a thematic content analysis is carried out, divided into the following categories: 1. ICT in cognitive processes. 2. Organizational and educational psychology. Among the conclusions are the importance of ICT in developmental psychology, in terms of external mediation, responsibility, planned and regulated access. The relevance of technologies for the organizations and individuals that compose them is also analyzed, recognizing them as a key element in both organizational and educational psychology, evidencing even more their protagonism in the current pandemic of covid-19.

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