Contribution of communication skills and technological innovation capability to vocational skills in Era 4.0

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Setiadi Cahyono Putro, Anggita Anggraeni Putri, Hari Putranto, Anusua Ghosh


The purpose of this study is to determine the relationship of communication skill (X1) and technological innovation capability (X2) to vocational skill in era 4.0 (Y) in VHS students competency industrial electronic engineering (IEE) in Malang city both partially and simultaneously. This research uses a quantitative approach with a descriptive correlational design. The research instrument was a questionnaire tested for validity and reliability. The research data analysis technique was carried out with analysis prerequisite test, partial correlation, multiple regression, and analysis of relative-effective contributions using SPSS. The results showed a positive and significant relationship between X1 and X2 to Y, either partially or simultaneously.

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