Exploring of Physical Fitness of Burundian Athletes

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Abdul Alim, Tomoliyus, Japhet Ndayisenga, Sumaryanti


Back ground: Physical fitness can be common to several sports. The objective is to increase the different capacities of the body like endurance, strength, speed, flexibility, performance, VO2 max, sheathing, agility, and accuracy.

The purpose of this look out were: (1) to assess the current status of physical fitness of Burundian athletes, (2) to compare the physical fitness performance on the standard’s physical fitness value, (3) to found out the benefits of physical fitness on the athlete’s performance.

Research methodologyThis is exploring research with mix method qualitative and quantitative study. The sample of this study were 42 from physical Education and Sports at the University of Burundi. The subjects were taken by random. The subjects were aged between 20-30 years, they were from in many various parties of Burundi Country. The data collection technique was physical battery test on the playground. Data were analyzed with descriptive statistic. The result showed that the current status of physical fitness level of Burundian athletes still low, the result showed also that there is a significant different between physical fitness means and standards means in each category of variable with P value .000, the result from this study showed that physical fitness has a great important in overall sports to increase achievement but also improve human mental and health.

Conclusion: physical fitness is the key to reach the high goals or achievement, all coaches have to train their athletes with suitable programs training in order to expect the high performance.


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