Most Common English Linguistic Errors in Writing Medical Reports in Jordanian Hospitals for Tourists (Case study: Ma'an Governmental Hospital)

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Mheel Al Smaihyeen, Emran ALmomni, Raed Al-Ramahi, Mheel Maleh Al Smaihyeen, Manar Abu Darwish, Tamadur Al-Shamayleh


Writing is one of the most complicated skills to be mastered because it requires great amount of vocabulary and grammar. Some people who are not specialized in English, such as doctors, make many linguistic errors and mistakes in writing non-computerized medical reports. The aim of this study is to identify some of the linguistic errors and mistakes in writing medical reports for tourists and the reasons for these errors and mistakes. A qualitative approach was adopted to analyze linguistic errors and mistakes in writing medical reports using explanatory and exploratory mixed-method design. The quantitative approach was done through a descriptive manual analysis model. The data-collecting instrument selected ten samples of doctor’s errors and mistakes in M’aan governmental hospital. The study was carried out by analyzing the linguistic errors and mistakes in medical reports, and it ends with the discussions of the main causes of these errors and mistakes. The key findings of the study revealed that there are many linguistic errors in medical reports, such as lexical and grammatical errors. Some errors in writing medical reports lead to a misunderstanding of the medical report and this may lead to a wrong diagnosis of the patient's condition sometimes. Some of the most important reasons for these errors are the doctors' lack of knowledge of English grammar, as well as the impact of the mother tongue on their English. This study is considered one of the most important studies because it is related to an important aspect of daily life, which is writing medical reports. Therefore, when writing medical reports, grammatical errors must be avoided, which contributes toproducing clear and intelligible reports.

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