The Effectiveness of the Modeling Method in Learning Writing Poetry Skills

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Efrianto, Endry Boeriswati, Ninuk Lustyantie


During short interviews concerning students' writing poetry skills, some phenomena were found. They are; 1)
students find it difficult to find ideas when writing a poem; 2) difficult to express ideas and transfer them into a
poem; 3) students are lack interest in writing poems because of the unsatisfactory teaching method. This
study aimed to determine the effect of modeling methods on poetry writing skills based on image themes. The
modeling methods based on images will serve as a medium for students when creating poetry. This study
applied the experimental method with a treatment design of level 2 x 2. The research took place at the
Faculty of Language and Arts, State University of Padang. The instrument used in this study was the student's
work. Based on the result, it was found that there is a significant difference in students who were treated
using the modeling method as an experimental group when compared to students who get treatment using
the learning community method as a control class group. The average results score in the experimental
group is 81.57 and 78.14 in the control class. The result shows that learning poetry writing skills using the
modeling method effectively helps students learn writing skills.

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