Chengdu Lacquer: The Revitalization of the Royal Art in The People's Republic of China Context

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Li Taotao, Vuthipong Roadkasamsri


Taking Chengdu lacquer ware art as the research object, this paper focuses on the recovery process from the historical development of Chengdu lacquer ware to modern times. Under the background of commercialization, this paper explores the ways and methods of the development and innovation of Chengdu lacquer ware from the aspects of the essential attribute of Chengdu lacquer ware, the market consumption, the class of utensils and so on. The purpose of this study is to protect and inherit the traditional culture, so that Chengdu lacquer ware can return to modern life in a more pluralistic form. At the same time, Chengdu lacquer ware can provide favorable resources for the actual creation and research of traditional lacquer art.


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