Perception refugee waft: ‘yearning’, ‘integration’ and ‘gap’ in Jaishree misra’s primitive guarantee

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R.Geetha, Dr.K.Radah


In this paper, to deal with the jaishree misra’s Afterwards on delineates a number of the extreme problems, problems and topics like, longings, integration, area, lifestyle, girls immigrants, identity than on regarding diaspora. It’s the story of a husband and spouse who are at bay between the guarantees of affection and also the perplexity of ‘bharatha sthree’ (a time period used to depict an indian female), like in the novel, historical promises. On this paper falls below the similar thematic look at and class like ancient guarantees its unusual allure, creating it extraordinarily appealing to the readers. Jaishree misra’s distinctly precise approach of presenting quotidian topics indelicate language attracts readers. Jaishree misra’s cosmopolitan vocabulary and facile style add gravity to trivial subject matters. The topics like longing, integration, area and identity may be discovered throughout this novel.

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