Social justice and its impact on achieving community peace (Study in the framework of international public law)

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Dr. Ahmed Tarek Yassin Mohmmed, Dr. Abdulaziz Ramdhan Ali Alkhtabi


Social justice has human values as old as human existence, but the demand and activation of them came as a result of marginalization, inequality, social and economic discrimination, and the absence of justice. This is what made talking about social justice gain increasing importance and vitality, which is growing with the nature of the issue and its spread as a popular entitlement and a public and international demand at the same time. Achieving societal peace among the components and groups of society is at the forefront of lofty human values. This can only be achieved through the pillars and components of societal peace in which social justice is one of those components, and it acquires paramount importance through many means that represent effective basic pillars to achieve that justice and the role of international law in reaching social justice. It was through legal mechanisms stipulated in international charters and treaties to spread equality, solidarity, stability, and providing international and national legal protection to achieve societal peace among all components and categories of community.

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