The intensity of Parasocial Interaction of Student Watching Korean Drama During Stay at Home During Pandemic

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Muhammad Andri Setiawan, Nina Permata Sari, Dwi Nur Rachmah, Ali Rachman


The spread of the Covid-19 pandemic has made most people work and do more activities at home. While staying at home is not only related to work from home, but also filled with entertainment-seeking activities, one of which is watching Korean dramas, this is a question whether it is related to the intensity of parasocial interactions. This research is intended to describe the intensity of parasocial interactions by students in watching Korean dramas while staying at home during the pandemic, with studies at various universities in the city of Banjarmasin. The research approach is quantitative with descriptive survey type research, through taking random sampling, from the results of data collection that is carried out online through social media that are distributed, it is obtained, 108 respondents. The data collection instrument used a questionnaire, the data analysis technique used a descriptive statistical test. The results showed that the respondents 78% are active viewers of Korean dramas. The average intensity of parasocial interactions per item falls into the 'agree' category (75%), which means that the intensity of parasocial interactions is high during the Covid-19 pandemic. It is proven by the statement that believes the favorite artist understands what is felt by 82%, with the category 'strongly agree.'

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