Critical Analysis of the psychological impact of COVID 19 on Generation X, Y, and Z

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Lalita Mutreja, Kirtikumar J. Patil


Experienced once in a lifetime by most of the individuals across the globe, the COVID-19 virus has become a fearful pandemic for people all over the world. Long quarantine periods and lockdown have added to the adverse physical and psychological  impact of the human race. The degree of magnification of impact is varied. Depression, stress, and anxiety levels have increased and become a new norm.

        To explore and test the situation mentioned above with classification based on type o generation , we conducted an online survey and interviews that included a set of questionnaires to measure their own behaviour and emotional state as well as that of their habits and psychological feeling during the lockdown using Adult Sickle Cell Quality of Life Measurement Information System.

            A total of 284 responses were collected through the survey. The aim of the present study was to examine and suggest remedies for the psychological impact of the COVID-19 on the generation X, Y, and Z infusing their typical needs rather than an umbrella treatment.  

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