Research Capability of Faculty Members in Higher Education Institution: Basis for Research Management Plan

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Zandro O. Perez, Antonieta V. Minyamin, Rosita D. Bagsit, Grace B. Gimena, Wym V. Dionaldo, Elisheba S. Padillo, Olympia G. Lovoie, Cyril A. Cabello


Research is one of the major functions in a university that should be nurtured and fostered in order to advance quality education. The capability of an instructor to conduct research is expedient in addressing the pressing issues in the society starting with the classroom. This study assessed the research capability of faculty members at Cebu Technological University (CTU) – Moalboal Campus anchoring Bandura’s Self Efficacy Theory. The works of literature dictate that there’s no study about research capability of college instructors initiated in Visayas, Philippines where Cebu is one of the provinces. This prompted the researchers to elicit pertinent information about the demographic profile of the instructors and their research capability (2.89) through a validated researcher-made instrument. All faculty members (69) participated the study. Utilizing descriptive-correlation research design, the researchers established significant relationship of the dependent and independent variables through Pearson-correlation coefficient. The results derived that age (0.13), gender (0.56), and number of papers completed but were not published (0.59) were not significant at 0.05 significant level. Number of years in service (0.04), number of years in conducting research (0.00), number of papers published (0.00), and number of local and international conferences attended (0.02) were significant. The findings of the study ensued a creation of research management plan that provides mechanisms on how to address the concerns and challenges of respondents in conducting research. In this way, college instructors are assisted and guided in completing and publishing their research article, thus, improving the research culture of the university.

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