Critical Analysis about Legal Evidence in Court in the Justice System in Indonesia

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Chamdani, Asri Wijayanti


The development on the utilization of information and communication technology in the world society is growing rapidly along with the industrial revolution 4.0. The purpose of this study is to examine  readiness of Indonesia in utilizing Artificial intelligence as a form of information and communication technology as legal evidence in court. This legal research uses a conceptual approach and legislation.The results of the study showed that although Indonesia has already a law on electronic technology information and electronic evidence as a deed which is one of the strongest evidence in civil procedural law, but in the trial practice it still cannot be used optimally due to the readiness of the legal or justice system) in Indonesia which has not fully supported the utilization of Artificial intelligence. The recommendation given are that the government needs to prepare regulatory substances related to the utilization of Artificial intelligence in information and communication technology in judicial practice. Secondly, they have to reform the structure of institutions and bureaucratic systems to be more open. Lastly, they have to construct a means of realizing a good legal culture to face the industrial revolution 4.0.

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