An Empirical Study on Use of Blockchain Technology as a Support Tool in Economic & Financial Processes

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Dr. Vishal Chavan, Dr. Anju Gupta, Mr. Aman Gupta, Dr. Esha Jain, Mr. Dillip Narayan Sahu


Technology has provided various advantages in terms of developing new techniques. For commercial solutions, blockchain technology ensures transparency and a safe system. It also works on the energy sector and the status of the economy by reviewing current business viewpoints, as well as cases and literature. In bitcoin, the miner enters transaction data into blocks that are mined, and the transaction is completed. On the contrary, it is critical to design a proper bitcoin procedure, which is a time-consuming technique. Cryptography is gaining popularity in the gaming sector, and it offers a huge opportunity to collaborate on research and analysis with systems like KYC to frame the process.

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