Does Instructions Enhance Reading Comprehension Abilities in the ESL Classroom?

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K. Vinay Kumar, Vijayababu Palukuri


The role of reading is the foremost in student’s preparation for the sake of comprehension of the text. Through reading, student gets good command on content and uses writing skill to represent what he learned through reading. Effective reading instructions are used to guide the students to get comprehension of the text while reading, because reading is a complex activity which requires organization of several other skills concurrently. Teachers should make use of these instructions while teaching reading skills. Reading helps the students to enhance their knowledge for their bright future. It should be practiced daily to get command over it. Teachers should start teaching basics of reading and should make them to get command over phonemic awareness, fluency and comprehension. Researcher found some of the reading difficulties of students like comprehension, understanding the exact sense of the text and unfamiliar vocabulary. It affects the students to get command on content to improve their understanding. The researcher experimented to resolve the problem by using reading instructions and involving the students to make use of dictionary. Finally, researcher found that the comprehension level of the students is increased by implementing instruction based teaching.

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