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Dmitriy V. Yankin, Olga A. Chopik, Svetlana I. Posdeyeva, Oleg Yu. Pokhorukov, Valery A. Nikolayev, Vasilii Ya. Sinenko, Inna V. Shimlina


The relevance of the study is due to the fact that the world of work is dynamic with dramatic changes underway. Current changes in the labor market are caused by new jobs being created and some professions being no more relevant. Moreover, new career and job trends impose additional requirements for professional qualifications of workers, their mobility, as well as their personal, communication and business qualities. This article considers the impact of the rapid changing labor market on the formation of students’ vocational self-determination and aims at developing modern approaches to organization of career guidance in a secondary school where educational and technological cluster are viewed as an integral link of this work. The article provides a brief overview of scientific literature dealing with the above mentioned problem. The paper highlights some social factors affecting the education of a teenager, the development of his personality and vocational self-determination. Upon the theoretical analysis and pedagogical experience of providing this service in schools, the interpretation of the definition of the concept "vocational self-determination in a changing labor market" has been clarified. The authors single out a range of external and internal prerequisites for the formation of students’ vocational self-determination in changing market conditions. The focus of this paper is also on pedagogical conditions required for the formation of vocational self-determination in the modern socio-cultural (organizational, conceptual, effective) situation. This research has practical significance, since it presents the ways and different vocational guidance activities used by by schools in the Kemerovo region (for example, school No. 60 in Novokuznetsk) in order to solve the problem of the development and formation of students’ vocational self-determination and their professional identity in the changing labor market. The experience of implementing an innovative project aimed at vocational guidance and the creation of an educational and technological cluster in cooperation with enterprises and social partners can be in great demand and of great value for the education system.

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