Parametric Study of Circularly Polarized Antenna Constructed on a Circular Microstrip Patch

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Aarizoo Reyaz, Ankur Singhal


In mobile and portable wireless application where wireless devices regularly change their position and angle it is almost unmanageable to continuously match the spatial orientation of the devices. Circularly polarized antennas could be harmonized in wide-ranging range of angles. The Microstrip antenna is some of the best commonly used antennas in applications that need circular polarization. This work offers the proposal of a circularly polarized Microstrip antenna that will work for 2.4 GHz. This range is normally used by WLAN, WPAN devices such as the 802.11 WIFI and the 802.15.4 Zigbee. We achieved polarization through the introduction of a perturbation to a basic circular Microstrip patch. Results indicate that designed Microstrip fed antenna can produce 8.11 dB directive gains.

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