The effect of Esther - Strategy (Think - Retrieve – Link – Make a decision) on the lateral thinking skills of the fifth grade primary school students in science curriculum

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Estaprak Hassan Ali Al-Hadithi, Samaa Ibrahim Abdullah


The aim of this research is to know the effectof the strategy (think – retrieve – link – make the decision) on the lateral thinking  skills of the fifth grade in science. The researcher adopted the experimental design with partial adjustment to the experimental and control groups, and the research community represented the fifth grade primary schoolgirls for the academic year (2021-2022). The sample was chosen intentionally, with (64) students for the experimental group and (32) students for the control group. The two research groups were rewarded with variables (chronological age in months, intelligence testing, previous information testing, and lateral thinking ). After determining the scientific material, the behavioral objectives were formulated, and the other (261) were for the purpose of analyzing the test on Sunday and ended on Tuesday, 25/1, corresponding to (9/1) weeks. Thetest was used to treat the results.

- There is an effectof the strategy (think – retrieve – link – decide) in the skills of lateral thinking in the subject of science for fifth grade primary students and for the benefit of the experimental group, as the calculated T-value was (4,89) and the tabular value was (2).

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