Family Societal security from the perspective of Islamic law: Methods and Means

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Mohammed Mahmoud Ahmed Altarireh


The children's sense of security in the family ensures them a proper nurturing that will bear fruit in their reality and lives, which is what the Shariah created for it a belief, rulings, and morals, and for which this Sharia elaborated the features of public education and its details, and it legislated for it systems in transactions, marriage, punishments, judiciary, testimonies, and others. In this research, I present an overview of the most important family-related educational methods and means that Shariah considered and referred to in order to achieve the desired societal security for our children, on whom we rely in building the nation and ensuring its proper functioning in this life. This research is divided into three main sections, which are the methods and means of pre-marital upbringing . Methods and means of upbringing after marriage and childbirth. Methods and means of treating adversity. Followed by a conclusion and an index of references. Thank God first and foremost.

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