Professional Learning Communities in the Context of Small School in Malaysia: A Preliminary Survey

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MohdNorlizamMohd Razali, Aida Hanim A. Hamid,AzlinNorhaini Mansor


The Professional Learning Community (PLC) is a community within the school organization that works collaboratively to improve teaching and learning in order to raise school performance.PLC is one of the approaches used by most developed countries in an effort to improve the quality of their education systems. The quality of teachers is an aspect that is very much emphasized in the national education system through the Malaysian Education Blueprint (PPPM 2013-2025) put one of the approaches in the development of teacher professionalism is through PLC (MOE 2016). This paper will discuss PLC, such as background, issues related to teacher achievement in Malaysia, and the dimensions of PLC in the context of small schools in Malaysia. This study is a preliminary survey that aims to confirm the suitability of the dimensions found in the PLC model that has been introduced by Hord (1997) obtained from the literature review. The initial survey or structured interviews were conducted involving four people, two headmasters and two teachers from small schools. Interview results were analyzed with the support of secondary data. In conclusion, the dimensions found in this framework are suitable as the practice of PLC in Malaysia and, further through the dimensions found in the framework can be used as a basis in the implementation of further studies related to PLC in small schools.


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